Sapporo Susukino Crossing 4K(札幌 すすきの交差点4K)

Sapporo Susukino Crossing

Sapporo is the biggest city in Hokkaido, Japan. Susukino is bustling areas.


Sapporo Metropolitan area is 2.5 millions people and accumulated snow 597cm/average year. Sapporo is big city compared by another snow city in spite of heavy snow.
Because, advanced civil engineering support the city system of Sapporo.
Recently, from South-East and ASIA Austrailia etc… many sightseer comes.
For reason why, Sapporo is near, safe, good taste food and fun snow city for these nations.

札幌薄野交叉, 最繁华的地区, 北海道 4K壁纸.